A mother’s confession! Child Photographer, Aurora, Ontario

Being a mom is hard! And being a mom with your own business is even harder. My biggest challenge sometimes is the balancing act between family, taking care of my kids, and taking care of my passion and my clients. The truth is I love both very much and it’s sometimes hard not to get carried away with one and neglect, a little, the other.

Well a few days ago, it became clear to me that maybe this balancing act is not such a bad thing. Let me explain….

A few days ago my 9 year old daughter comes to me as she and her sister were getting ready for school and says, “Mommy you should take a look at Megan, I think she cut her bangs by herself!” Well, fearing the worst, I gently asked her to come to see me so I can take a look at how pretty her outfit is today. And there it was!  After weeks of not getting the response she wanted when asking mom to bring her to the hairdressers, she took it upon herself to cut her own bangs. But wait, the crazy part is, they were PERFECT!

She did such an amazing job, that I honestly could not have done better myself. Heck, maybe the hairdresser could have not done better either. I was shocked! I couldn’t even get mad at her, in fact I think I remember offering her $10 as a thank you for saving me the trip to the hairdressers.

I asked her how she did it, and she replied ” I took my scissors, mommy, and cut my hair like the hairdresser does!”

So  there it is, my lesson, maybe neglecting your kids, a little, is not such a bad thing. It kind of forces them to be independent, take care of themselves and take chances. And maybe trying to balance it all, simply means doing your best and letting the rest unfold itself.



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