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What can I say, capturing life's best moments is my passion and makes me incredibly happy. Family smiles, the connection between mother and child or husband and wife, the love of a pet. It's small moments life this, that make us appreciate the chaos of life around us. Moments in Portraits, forever enjoyed.

I've had the pleasure of capturing portraits for over 10 years now.


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Ever since I was a child, photography has been an integral part of my life. My father’s passion for photography was evident as he always had the newest camera on the market and clicked away with it every chance he had. I remember spending endless hours admiring his camera, reading his photography books and flipping through the family albums my mom so carefully put together. I loved how they captured our special moments, our emotions and the memories they triggered in my mind. For many years thereafter, photography became a hobby that I enjoyed perfecting through courses and seminars. Then the birth of my first daughter reignited my passion to a new heightened level. She was my muse, my miracle. Everything seemed new, more beautiful, more meaningful. Time seemed to move much faster as she went through one milestone to another. From that moment on I couldn’t put my camera down and I knew I had found my calling. I fell in love with portrait photography. Children, families, couples… I loved how the camera allowed me to interpret their emotions, their relationships, little pieces of who they are - frozen in time. Finally, Anita Dizgun Photography was born as a way to give this gift of captured memories to others.

My Style

I love simplicity! Clean and real images, that capture a moment, a milestone and emotion. I also love to work with natural light and different surroundings. I offer both on-location, natural light photography as well as studio photography. Our studio offers a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere. From the moment we first talk, my goal is to make this experience fun, stress-free and memorable. Every image I present to you is carefully touched up and sometimes enhanced. You are presented with only the best images from our session. I am always open to any creative suggestions you might have but in the end you must trust my judgment. I strongly believe that photography is an art form and my goal is to present you with images that are worthy to be art. However, I also believe that simple is beautiful. I do not work with fancy backdrops or crazy props. For that reason I encourage you to browse my online porfolio to see if my style fits yours.


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